Trang Dinh's Portfolio


Market analysis, Web application design




Travellite is an affordable luggage concierge service for travelers who want a hassle-free way to transport their luggage. 

I worked as a designer to create web wireframes, high fidelity mockups and user flows. The purpose of this project was to practice business strategy alongside product design. This project was part of the Human Centered Design & Engineering (HCDE) graduate curriculum at the University of Washington. 


role: Designer
period: Sep - Dec 2016
course: HCDE 503 Design in Organizational Contexts

laptop mockup.jpg


Traveling can be a hassle. Luggages can be heavy and hard to carry, airlines may mishandle and lose your luggage, or other passengers may mistakenly take your luggage. 

How can we improve the luggage handling experience for travelers?




Major competitors such as Luggage Forward are not affordable for most travelers - an opportunity to fulfill by building partnerships with courier and travel businesses such as Uber, UPS, Expedia. This could reduce costs for both businesses and travelers as well as create a more seamless and easy experience for travelers. 



User stories and user flows helped define the following features for travelers.

  • Luggage tracking and notifications

  • Membership plans for business travelers

  • Plugins with courier and airline websites

Sample user story

Thea is on a business trip and used Travellite to send her luggage to her hotel. She was invited to go out after work but doesn't know if her luggage has arrived yet for her to go back and change. As a busy traveler, Thea would like to know where her luggage is and be notified when her luggage has safely arrived. 



Bringing our user stories to life, Xiaodong and I collaborated on the wireframes, consolidating ideas and highlighting customer touch points involved in our user stories.  



Value Proposition

Travellite is a premium luggage concierge service that empowers travelers who want a hassle-free way to transport their luggage from point A to point by conveniently dropping their bags at the airport or having their bags picked up and securely delivering them to their end destination. 

View our business model and our interactive prototype




In addition to a market analysis, I would like to have taken a more user centered design approach by spending time in the airport interviewing both travelers and baggage handlers to uncover additional pain points that could be addressed with our service.