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My Loving Nanny


UX Design, Website REDesign

My Loving Nanny

I worked as co-project manager, client liaison, and co-designer to lead research and design efforts in the redesign of My Loving Nanny. The purpose of this project was to improve the online presence of a business by redesigning their website to meet business and user goals. This project was part of the Human Centered Design & Engineering (HCDE) graduate curriculum at the University of Washington.


role: Designer, Project Manager
period: Mar - Jun 2017
team: Scott, Jessica, Rigo, Alexa
course: HCDE 537 User Centered Web Design




My Loving Nanny is a Pacific Northwest business that seeks to match parents with nannies who are screened and managed by the business. It was bought by Anthony and Rebekah Rivisto in 2014 and has since expanded to Portland, Spokane, and Vancouver. The couple both come from business backgrounds and have had experience working with children. After becoming parents, they knew that My Loving Nanny was their perfect opportunity to become business owners while pursuing their passion to make an impact in their community.



We recruited two parents and one nanny to use the My Loving Nanny website for the first time so we could observe and ask questions about their experience. From this, we learned:

1. The information architecture is not intuitive. Parents were looking under “Nannies” to learn more about them, but soon realized that the information was for nannies. Moreover, information such as “Screening Process” was found under the “Parents” tab, but were expected to be under “Nannies.”

2. Unclear distinction between call-to-action buttons.

“What is the difference between ‘Register Now’ and ‘Book Care Now’?”

3. Reviews are not accessible. Parents said reviews are one of the first things they look for to see if the business is trustworthy. The My Loving Nanny website has a small column on the right labeled “Client Testimonials,” but it only shows one review at a time and participants were not able to access the rest.

Old IA.jpg


A persona was created for each audience group of the My Loving Nanny website. 

  1. Parents - Looking to hire a nanny or to book last-minute care

  2. Nannies - Looking to apply

  3. Business partners - Interested in expanding the business

Data from these personas were derived from interviews, stakeholder meeting, and website data provided by the client. 



Taking key terms, phrases, and pages from the website, we hosted an open card sort with 5 participants. Results from the card sort indicated that content on the website can be organized into 3 categories: 

  1. About - For users to learn about the business, their story, their awards, and how to contact them for questions.

  2. For Parents - Dedicated to help parents learn about the service, the screening process, and how to hire a nanny

  3. For Nannies - Dedicated to help nannies learn about the business, their screening process, and how they could apply

New IA.jpg


Keeping key brand features from the original website, we created a few wireframes to highlight a more intuitive navigation system as well as surfacing reviews and awards to the front page to help build trust in new parent users. 

We tested the wireframes with 5 participants and learned,

  • It is unclear if "Nannies" contains information about nannies or is for nannies

  • The awards at the bottom has no context around them, adding little value to the page.





Our client was very happy to see our design. In addition to the redesign, we made recommendations such as an area for parents to read nannies' bios and specialty. This feature was desired by all participants in our testing, and if implemented, would help My Loving Nanny be more transparent and trustworthy to parents.