Trang Dinh's Portfolio



hello -

My name is Trang Dinh, I am an adventurous introvert, a musicophile, and a designer who's focus is on user experience, accessibility, and visual design. I love playing games so here is one for you: guess which of the following is not true.

one - I love mystery.
Criminal Minds, Bones, Numb3rs - you name it! Aside from the thrill and paranoia that it can happen in life, I enjoy the challenge of figuring out the culprit before the end of the episode. It also makes me think outside of the box, ask plenty of questions, and always pay attention to people’s actions rather than their words.

two - I’ve eaten live octopus.
Growing up in a Vietnamese household, I’ve been exposed to a variety of dishes (including fish sauce!), and have always enjoyed trying new things. From food, to life adventures and even UX methods, it’s taught me to be open minded and adventurous. Sometimes, the best things come from the moments we least expect!

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